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The Best Cycling Paths in Miami Beach

Miami Beach, with its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and sunny weather, is a cyclist’s paradise. The city offers a variety of scenic routes that cater to both casual riders and serious cyclists, providing breathtaking views and a unique way to explore the area. Here’s a guide to the best cycling paths in Miami Beach, perfect for anyone looking to enjoy the outdoors on two wheels.

South Pointe Park Path

Starting at the southern tip of Miami Beach, the South Pointe Park Path is a favorite among cyclists for its spectacular ocean views and well-maintained trails. The path meanders along the waterfront, offering unobstructed views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Miami skyline. It’s an ideal route for a leisurely ride, especially during sunrise or sunset.

  • Highlights:
    • Stunning ocean and city views
    • Access to South Pointe Pier
    • Variety of nearby cafes and restaurants for a post-ride refreshment

Miami Beach Boardwalk

The Miami Beach Boardwalk stretches from South Pointe Park all the way to the north end of Miami Beach, providing a long, uninterrupted path that’s perfect for cycling enthusiasts. While the southern part is more of a paved walkway suitable for bikes, the northern sections offer a traditional wooden boardwalk feel. Riding along, you’ll pass by iconic hotels, sandy beaches, and beautiful art deco buildings.

  • Highlights:
    • Extensive, uninterrupted path
    • Close proximity to Miami Beach’s famous landmarks
    • Direct beach access at various points

Venetian Causeway

The Venetian Causeway crosses Biscayne Bay, offering a serene and picturesque route for cyclists looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Connecting Miami to Miami Beach, this path provides stunning views of the water, skyline, and the luxurious homes on the Venetian Islands. It’s a relatively flat ride, making it suitable for all skill levels.

  • Highlights:
    • Peaceful, scenic surroundings
    • Views of the bay and downtown Miami
    • Access to the Venetian Islands

Pine Tree Drive

For those interested in a more residential scenery, Pine Tree Drive offers a beautiful, tree-lined route through one of Miami Beach’s most exclusive neighborhoods. The road is wide and less trafficked, making it a safe option for cyclists. Along the way, you’ll enjoy the shade of towering pine trees and views of stunning historic homes.

  • Highlights:
    • Quiet, residential atmosphere
    • Beautiful historic homes and landscaping
    • Shaded path for a comfortable ride

North Beach Oceanside Park

North Beach Oceanside Park provides a more relaxed vibe for cyclists looking to enjoy nature. The park features a network of paths that wind through green spaces and sandy areas, offering a mix of terrains. It’s a great spot for families or anyone looking to combine cycling with a bit of beach time.

  • Highlights:
    • Natural, park setting
    • Mix of terrains for varied riding experience
    • Family-friendly environment with beach access

Lummus Park Path

Lummus Park, located in the heart of Miami Beach’s Art Deco District, offers a paved path that runs parallel to the beach. It’s a bustling area where cyclists can take in the vibrant atmosphere of Ocean Drive while enjoying views of the beach and the Atlantic Ocean. The path is relatively short, but it’s perfect for a quick ride with plenty of sights along the way.

  • Highlights:
    • Vibrant, lively atmosphere
    • Iconic art deco architecture
    • Beach and ocean views

Tips for Cycling in Miami Beach

Cycling in Miami Beach is an enjoyable activity, but it’s important to stay safe and prepared. Here are a few tips to ensure a pleasant experience:

  • Always wear a helmet and protective gear.
  • Stay hydrated, especially during the warmer months.
  • Be mindful of pedestrians and share the path courteously.
  • Lock your bike securely if you plan to stop and explore.
  • Follow local traffic laws and signals when cycling on roads.


Miami Beach offers some of the most picturesque and enjoyable cycling paths in Florida. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely ride along the ocean, a scenic tour of luxurious neighborhoods, or a pleasant cruise through lush parks, Miami Beach has a path to suit your preferences. So grab your bike, hit one of these top cycling paths, and experience the beauty of Miami Beach on two wheels.

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